Why hire the BVQ for your event? Members of the BVQ have been playing together and individually for over a decade and rehearse together on a weekly basis. This means that any style of music you might desire for your event we can easily accommodate! 

We are able to personally tailor the music for each event to fit the vision for an event. We even have industry leading wedding planning tools to help you choose the music that best fits the vision you have for your wedding! 

The musicians that you hear on our recordings and see in our videos will be the musicians at your ceremony, unless in rare occasions a member is unavailable. In that case, a substitution will be made with another musician of equal capability. 

string quartet

Price Range: $500-$2500

string trio

Price Range: $375-$1900

string duo

Price Range: $250-$1300


Price Range: $125-$700



Contact us for more detailed information on pricing for your special event! Pricing will depend on the type of event, length of service, travel and other details. We offer special pricing for those looking for musical services for funerals. Discounted services are available for non-profit organizations.