The Blackstone Valley String Quartet gets its name from the quaint small-town area of Central Massachusetts where owner and founder Sylvia DiCrescentis has lived and worked for most of her life.  For fifteen years, the members of the BVQ have played together in various orchestras and small groups honing their skills and developing a unique bond as professional performing musicians. The BVQ currently serves all of New England including the cities of Worcester, Boston, and Providence, and can be booked for all types of events including wedding ceremonies and receptions, private parties, and corporate/professional events.  The BVQ is located in North Grafton, Massachusetts

The BVQ is excited to now provide various different type of ensemble groups for hire! Visit our Meet Our Musicians page to read more about all of our associate members! To explore the different ensemble combinations we offer, visit our Ensemble Options page! From string quartet to guitar/violin duo to piano/cello/violin, we have the perfect ensemble combination for your event! 

We love tailoring our services to the needs of each and every event, providing music of all genres. Your event will get personal attention to details that will reflect your style. Live music at an event makes a huge impression. And incorporating live music is more affordable than you might expect! We offer many different options for combinations of instruments and ensembles as well as packages to fit every budget! 

Our mission is to bring quality music to the community in the Blackstone Valley area and beyond. We provide free community concerts, perform for local community events, volunteer our time for community projects and provide event services. The BVQ is committed to the goal of providing quality musical experiences for all areas of community life.