Why hire the Blackstone Valley String Quartet?

The BVQ has been performing customized music for weddings and events since 2016. In that time, we have performed for over 300 events. We have industry leading wedding planning tools and the expertise to help you realize the musical background for the wedding of your dreams. The resident members of the BVQ rehearse together on a regular basis and we have a long list of excellent musicians in the New England area beyond our resident members whom we perform with regularly.

What are your rates for weddings or other events?

See our "Rates" page for price ranges for rates. Please fill out our contact form to receive a personalized quote.

Are you able to play outdoors?

We are able to play outdoors, but only if weather permits. Our instruments will not function if the temperature is under 60 degrees or if there is any precipitation. For any outdoor performances, we require a location where we can quickly relocate if weather changes.

What type of equipment do you need to perform?

We need chairs and music stands for all performers in order to perform. We can provide these items if the venue is unable to provide them.

Do you require any sound equipment?

Usually, we will not need any type of amplification. Stringed instruments are specifically built to project as much as possible. Occasionally, if we are not performing with the full quartet outside we might need amplification. We are able to provide such amplification if the venue is unable to provide such equipment.

What types of genres to you perform?

We are able to perform almost any genre, including classical, jazz, contemporary, pop and more. Occasionally, pieces do not lend themselves well to stringed instruments, but usually we can accommodate just about any style or genre of music. Especially if we are given plenty of time to put together music, we can usually accommodate most requests.

How much are tickets for BVQ performances?

BVQ performances are free! Part of our mission as a quartet is to bring great music to the Blackstone Valley community. We also enjoy the freedom of planning concerts that we find exciting and challenging.