Looking for something totally unique for your wedding reception?


As a string quartet, often we perform for the ceremony only {which by the way is a super budget friendly way to add live music to your wedding!}. Increasingly however, we have been asked to provide music for the entirety of a wedding celebration. This is a really unique {and budget friendly!} way to have live music throughout your entire wedding!


The ceremony might start off with a more chill or classic vibe with soft pop or classical music and no sound equipment. As the wedding moves into cocktail hour and dinner, the music amps up to a more festive vibe and we can plug into sound equipment so everyone can hear the music. For the rest of the reception, the music moves towards more dance friendly tunes with recorded music during group breaks. We can even play along with recorded music which really opens up the song options. Your guests can even make requests throughout the reception!


So, if you are looking for something completely unique from the usual DJ or band this might be your jam!

Often, these types of events require a custom quote as far as pricing so check out our packages and get in touch with us for a custom quote!

Sylvia DiCrescentis