Looking Back: Our First Recordings As INDIGO HEART
Grafton, Vermont Town Center/ Picture taken by B. Stockwell

Grafton, Vermont Town Center/Picture taken by B. Stockwell

Although we have our music studio in Grafton, Massachusetts, it was super beneficial for us as musicians to have a change of scenery and get away for a few days to rehearse and record and get our creative juices flowing. Especially considering we have been been putting in so many hours at the studio and at home getting all of our projects going, we needed to get away. We needed a place where we could enjoy ourselves, get a bit of a reprieve, while also continuing to work hard. And Grafton, Vermont turned out to be the perfect place to do so. The location is close enough that we could justify driving there to spend 3 days, and far enough away we could also escape to a change of scenery. And this scenery was well worth it. Grafton, Vermont is the quintessential quaint and rustic New England town. The small town center consists of the historic Grafton Inn, where many famous Americans such as Ralph Waldo EmersonDaniel Webster, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Willson, to name only a few have stayed. Many people stay here in the summer and it is the perfect place to have a wedding, especially for a weekend celebration! The other fixture of the town center, is a modernized market store simply named, MKT: Grafton. MKT is easily the place to be in the small town with their cafe and their mart supplying customers with everything from local fresh meat, cheese, and wine to toilet paper, soap, and candles. I personally spent a good amount of time hanging out in their cafe area making use of their Wifi for work purposes (because Grafton is in the middle of nowhere and there was absolutely no service whatsoever and I quickly became obsessed with their local kombucha). We want to send a special thank you to the Grafton Inn and MKT for allowing us to use their special spaces while filming for our music videos! I now understand why the small town is so special to Sylvia and her family, it truly is a hidden gem and we cannot wait to go back this summer!


On Thursday, we spent about 6 hours wandering around the town making use of both the beautiful natural landscapes and the quaint market and inn to shoot our music video footage. Throughout the week we spent about 15 hours editing our music videos for Dream On and Closer as well as prepping the Indigo Heart website for the official launch on Friday February 24th! We are so excited to share all of our hard work with you and look forward to recording more soon! Make sure you sign up for weekly blog updates by subscribing on the bottom of our website page if you want to stay up to date on our recordings and future gigs, which we will be booking soon!

Stay tuned!


Brittany Stockwell