In October of 2016, The Blackstone Valley String Quartet began rehearsing and prepping for booking weddings and events. At first it seemed we would never find a cellist who was able commit to the type of schedule we envisioned as professional musicians who wanted to not only play for clients' events and weddings but also put on free concerts for our community. (This involves a lot of time spent planning and rehearsing behind the scenes.) The BVQ founding members, Sylvia (violin/viola), Kathryn (violin), and myself (Brittany Stockwell-violin/viola) have all been playing together in group and orchestra settings for over ten years. So even though the BVQ itself is very new, our time together collaborating as musicians is not. We have spent countless numbers of hours practicing on our own as well as rehearsing together while growing as musicians during our youth. Not only do we know each other well as friends, we have a whole other level of understanding of one another as musicians. This enables us to pursue our passion of spreading and sharing our musical talents with you, the community and beyond the Blackstone Valley, in a way that is special and unique. 

We are very excited to officially announce that Jamie Thiesing, another musician we grew up playing with, has joined the BVQ as our official cellist. After years of playing violin and mastering the instrument, Jamie began playing cello and quickly proved her musical talent extends beyond just one stringed instrument. We are really excited to be collaborating and rehearsing with her and look forward to our June 4th concert! 

We feel so lucky to be able to continue to perform together as adults. This musical project in particular is 'wicked' special to us. We began playing in weddings together as adolescents in middle school and to be able to continue to play professionally together as adults is a blessing and opportunity we don't take for granted. We have been working really hard and look forward to sharing our efforts with you!

We offer various recordings on our website, including full quartet, trio, duo, and soloist violin. We record and rehearse at Vivo Strings Music Studio in Grafton where Sylvia, Kathryn, and Brittany currently teach private lessons. You can access our recordings under the About tab and clicking Listen, or by clicking here

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Brittany Stockwell